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Private Lesson

Inhand and ridden sessions focusing on a particular issue or problem.

Is your horse bargy or difficult to lead?

Are they impatient with the farrier?

Impossible to worm?

Can they not walk down the centre line from A to C in a straight line, or halt square at X?

Each lesson is tailor made to fit you and your horse.

Get in touch for more details.


Training and Schooling

Groundwork training sessions and ridden schooling sessions for your horse.

This is ideal if you want a problem resolved but don't have the confidence or the time.

You can observe and learn, or have your horse trained whilst you're busy elsewhere.


Backing and Bringing On

Inhand foundation training, giving your young horse the best start in their education.

Backing process, and ridden foundation training.

This can be done at your yard under your observation, and you can be as involved in the whole process as you wish.

Watch your baby horse learn!

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